Goodbye Kent, Ciao Italia

Hey Everyone! I decided to start a blog about my experience while I am studying abroad. I will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy next semester (August – December 2016). I have been planning on studying abroad for so many years and it’s crazy to think in August I will be starting out an adventure of a lifetime.

100 DAYS until my dream of going to Europe is actually coming true!!!! In 100 days, I will be on an airplane, flying half way across the world.


I have so many things to look forward to as I move out of my dorm room and finish my second year at Kent State. Looking back on my first two years of college, I’ve made so many amazing memories and made some of the best of friends. When I came to Kent, two years ago I was so worried that I wouldn’t like it here. My first semester, I quickly made friends and even joined the best sorority. Kent quickly became my home away from home. I will miss Kent so much while I’m away from it for eight months, but I couldn’t be more excited for all of my future adventures while I travel the world. I am excited to learn more about fashion and Italian culture while abroad. It hasn’t hit me yet that in August, I will be half way across the world and living in a different country for four months.


I feel so lucky to have such an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to live in Europe for an entire semester!

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”

-Ciao, Bethany


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