London, England

London’s Calling!!

This past week, I went on another school field trip to London! I was so excited to explore England for 5 days! 14656332_10209379004486142_2378807189572980905_n

We left on Tuesday, October 18th and landed in London around 5. The day we got there, we just checked into the hotel. The school got us a hotel and it was really nice!! After that, we just went out to eat and got ready to explore London the next day! Our first full day, we went to the Shakespeare’s globe Theater and Tate’s modern art museum. They were both pretty interesting. Afterwards, we had the rest of the night free. We went shopping for a little bit then Bri and I decided to go on The London Eye. This is what I really wanted to do because it’s such a good view from the top! You could see the entire city of London on the eye which was so cool. Once we got off, we walked past Big Ben and walked to Buckingham Palace. We couldn’t really see anything at Buckingham Palace because it was too dark but we decided that we would go back another day.


On Thursday, we didn’t have very much free time because it was filled with school trips but they were pretty fun! We went to a design studio then had some free time so I spent it relaxing in Hyde Park. We then had afternoon English tea! After we had tea, we went to the theater and saw “In The Heights.” It was a musical and it was so good!!!

Friday was our last full day in London! With school, I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Right after, we had our whole night free. I spent most of the night with my parents walking around Harrods. Harrods is the worlds largest and most expensive department store in the world. It was HUGE! We kept getting lost because it was so big. We ate dinner at a restaurant inside of the department store. Harrods was filled with very expensive designer clothing so unfortunately I couldn’t afford anything even though I saw so many things I wanted. We made our way over to see The Parent Trap house. I really wanted to see it and take a picture in front because I’ve seen that movie way too many times.

Saturday, I had all of the morning and afternoon free until we had to go to the airport and head back to Florence. We headed over to the Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards but there were so many people that we couldn’t really see anything. It was still cool to see the Palace in the day time though! We also walked through Green Park and went to see Big Ben again. We then headed to the airport and went back to Florence!


Overall, I absolutely loved London!!! The city was so beautiful and was filled with lots of shopping! It’s probably been one of my favorite cities I’ve visited so far. I also enjoyed how I was finally in an english speaking country again. I can’t wait to one day come back to London and explore it even more!

“And then I realized adventures are the best way to learn…”

Next Adventure: Dublin, Ireland



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