The Hills Are Alive in Austria!

Last trip of the semester – Austria! 

I seriously can’t believe that I just finished my last weekend trip of the semester! It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling! We left on Thursday night and arrived in Salzburg, Austria really late at 5am! We only got a few hours asleep before we had to wake up for The Sound of Music Tour! The movie was filmed in Salzburg and we got to see a lot of the filming locations! We saw where “16 going on 17” is filmed, the gardens where “do re me” is filmed, the house in the movie, and the church from the wedding scene.

After the sound of music tour, we went up to this fortress/castle on top of a mountain. We could see the entire city from the top! We then just walked around and looked at the Christmas Markets!IMGP4418.jpgIMGP4388.jpgIMGP4396.jpg

The next day, we took a bus over to the Neuchwanshien Castle in Germany! This was the castle that was inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland! We had to hike up the mountain and got a tour of the castle. It was really pretty and reminded me of something that would be in Disney!
Afterwards, we took a bus back to Innsbruck, Austria! When we got to our hotel, we went straight to look around at the Christmas Markets! Everything was so festive! The next morning, we had all day to explore the city! The city was so cute! It was surrounded by beautiful mountains, a river, and brightly colored buildings! We took a train up to the top of a mountain to see the amazing view! We then spent the rest of the day shopping at the Christmas markets!IMGP4633.jpgIMGP4589.jpgIMGP4582.jpg

It’s hard to believe that I’m done traveling this semester! I hope that later in life, I get more opportunities like this to explore the world!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my weekend in Austria! For more pictures and traveling, check out my Instagram @bethanykurtz!

Ciao, Bethany


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